The story of Rainbird

Wow. What a busy few months it has been for NB! There’s so much to write about so we’ll be posting a bunch of news and stories over the coming weeks to catch you up on our latest adventures. But lets tackle one thing at a time though, shall we? Starting with the story of the Rainbird release and the NB collaboration with Kelly Love. Here goes.

When and why.

Fashion Designer Kelly Love and Nova’s Basement first hatched the idea of working on a song together in October 2010 over a glass of wine in a London flat. (Always a good start). At least 2 thirds of NB have known Kelly for many years, so this is not a rare occurrence. The setting may have changed over the years from small town Armadale in Australia to big ol’ London town, but the creative vibes always bounce with the lovely Miss Love around.

We all admire Kelly’s work. She’s a focused, hard-working up-and-coming Designer and her previous Collections have oozed femininity and edginess. Her new Collection, she told us, was to be made up of 60’s inspired garments exploring a correlation between muses of fallen rock stars and beautiful birds in cages. She revealed a dark and tortured poem ‘The Song of the Rainbird’ – which was quite a surprise. Simply put, Kelly is always a ball of sunshine and positivity – who knew she had a dark side? The words took us on a journey of angst and glamour as a muse copes with the impending loss of a beautiful yet unfortunate life. It was ripe for a tune.

The Rainbird arrangement.

Working with Kelly’s words, we soon rustled up a raspy, driving guitar and some urgent string arrangements. The words turned from “I” and “my” to “us” and “our” as we expressed solidarity for the used and wasted muses who inspired so much art, but never found their name on the plaque or record.

In January 2011, N.B. popped into an East London studio with their favourite London Producer, Ian Dowling to lay their new single. Dowling also produced N.B.’s self-titled EP back in 2008 and more recently, engineered KT Tunstall’s new album and mixed two tracks for Adele’s latest album.

The Collection.

Kelly’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection ‘The Song of the Rainbird’ embodies sex appeal with timeless elegance combining beautifully cut pieces with clean lines, precise workmanship and hints of femininity and quirkiness. Exclusive prints are featured on heavily sand washed silk, painted fur and mohair give texture while wool and suede add a lux appeal to this collection. The colour palette sees French navy, contrasting black against white and dusky grey punctuated by pops of dark fuchsia and olive. All pieces are available to purchase on her website

The press.

There’s been a lot of love for The Song of the Rainbird. Check out some of the articles published so far: | Kelly Love’s Rennaisance approach to A/W11
“Not content with designing exquisite womenswear, Kelly Love took her talents a step further for Autumn/Winter 2011-12. The designer wrote a song that formed the basis of her ‘Song of the Rainbird’ collection. London-based band Nova’s Basement then filled in the musical gaps, recorded and produced the song for your aural pleasure.” | Kelly Love A/W 2011
“It started with a song. A collaboration with up and coming band Nova’s Basement followed which then morphed into the AW2011 collection…” | Kelly Love Autumn Winter 2011 – Song of the Rainbird
“In collaboration with up and coming band Nova’s Basement, it started with a Song of the Rainbird.”

The Day Dreamer Blog | Kelly Love
“A collaboration with the up and coming band, Nova’s Basement, saw the birth of the AW11 collection, which has a distinctly vintage vibe with a thoroughly modern aesthetic.”

Buy the track.

‘Rainbird’ is available on iTunes. Link to download from the UK iTunes site:

Sample the tune.

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