Mini tour wrap-up

Hello again. Did I mention we’ve been busy? Oh man, we’ve been busy. After our Collaboration with Kelly Love and the recording of Rainbird, we were itching to get the song out. The best way to get a song out is to play it for some folks, so during a post-rehearsal huddle we decided to gig ourselves blue-in-face during April, May and June 2011.

We reached out to a bunch of our live music promoter contacts and before long, we were full of dates and knocking a few back. Here’s the poster we made:

This poster is actually missing a couple of cool venues that popped up along the way, including an afternoon of live music at 93 Feet East where we played completely acoustic to a live crowd in the early summer sunshine. Ah, beautiful. It’s also missing a recent fab night out at London’s quirky Water Rats in Kings Cross where we played to a packed house and supported Pixie Carnation.

Here are a few pics we have collected along the way. Thanks to everyone who supported or listened during the mini tour. Fun times!

Ciao x

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