Lyrics for Her James Dean

We’ve had a lot of requests for lyrics to our tracks, most recently from geyna87 on our YouTube channel. Sorry for the delay in posting this, we’ve been so super slammed with recording our new album (yes ALBUM! So exciting), attending weddings and holidaying in the sun to escape this wretched UK summer. By golly gosh, hasn’t it been dismal?

So, while everything is a little quiet around the NB house we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts with the lyrics to our recently released tracks. Starting with Her James Dean, especially for you geyna87!

Love NB x

Her James Dean

Walking down that lonely path of lust and want, she tells herself
Start afresh, start anew but she can’t forget you
Oh her James Dean

Playing that love game well his type don’t change
But this time his crime was just what doctor ordered
Oh her James Dean

Boy he goes his own way
But boy don’t push her away
Boy’s gotta make up his mind
Before they run out of time

Well I said she’s walking down that lonely path of lust and want, and she tells herself
Well I want, I want you
Oh baby, my James Dean

She says him, James Dean my Romeo well let me be your Monroe
This time, you’re mine
And he became her James Dean
Her James Dean
Her James Dean

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