Well that was a fabulous tour and an awesome year

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while, we needed some time to get over our epic Australian Tour hangovers. Just joking. A little bit.

I guess ‘hangover’ is a good word for it, poetic innit. Not just because we each tricked our livers into surviving 3 weeks of tequila, but we were also coming down from the amazing sunshine, beaches, long lost friends, new friends, family and music. Oh the music…

I was just going through some of the photos Rach, Fi, Antonio, Chris and I snapped during November and December 2012 and reminding myself that a trip to summery OZ – with a bunch of gorgeous musicians – just as London dips into deepest darkest winter – was such a gloriously indulgent experience. I highly recommend you try this!

We had the pleasure of showing our London gig chum and tour partner, Antonio Lulic, around OZ for his first time and we also recruited OZ newbie Chris Roos (AKA The Koala) as our roadie, door man, merch man, soundcheck man and beer man. Even though we NB lasses are all from Australia originally, it’s easy to forget after 10 ish years just how vibrant and friendly and happening the music scene in OZ is. A quick shout out to TanĂ© Emia-Moore who we met in Geelong, and travelled to our Sydney gig to support us a second time. Cool dude. Melbourne in particular never disappoints when it comes to live music venues and choice acts.

So here’s a bunch of pics that tell the story of 10 gigs in Australia, 1 radio slot, 1 gig in a VW Combi (video coming soon), over 3300 kms of road, sing-a-longs in the van, selling out of CDs, jam-packing out Rach & Fi’s home town venue, Kangaroo spotting at the side of the highway, chicken parmas, days on the beach… better than words can.

Thank you Australia, we’re so inspired and writing our faces off right now for a new EP. We’ll be back at the live gigs from Spring, see y’all then.

Amy, Rach & Fi.

Oh and p.s., you can now listen to our album-sneak-peak on Soundcloud or buy the album on iTunes.

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