Nova's Basement Rehearsal photos

[callout]”One of the best sounds to grace my ears this last year were the ladies of Novas Basement, a three piece based in London, who delightfully mix harmonies, strings, warm banter and witty lyrics”, January 2012[/callout]
Nova’s Basement is an all-girl acoustica trio featuring guitar, violin, cello and sweet ‘n sour 3 part harmonies.

Influenced by singer-songwriters such as Bat For Lashes and Laura Marling, NB writes songs that combine emotive lyrics, 3-part-harmonies and string arrangements that hark back to their classical roots.

Although originally all hailing from Australia, the band formed in London during the summer of 2005. After running through a string of random band names, the girls finally settled on ‘Nova’s Basement’ – a little nod to their first rehearsal rooms in King Cross, London.

Following a nomination for a UK Indy Music Award for their live performances, the girls (and their previous pianist band member, Mike) hit Strongroom Studios in East London to record their debut EP in 2008.

In May 2011, NB released a new single ‘Rainbird’ that was written in collaboration with London-based fashion designer Kelly Love. NB produced a track to accompany Love’s The Song of the Rainbird Autumm / Winter 2011 Collection – a beautiful collection inspired by the tortured muses of 60s Rockstars.

[callout]”It started with a song. A collaboration with up and coming band Nova’s Basement followed which then morphed into the AW2011 collection…”[/callout]
In the twilight of 2011, NB hit the studio again to record a new EP to finally release their much performed and favourite live tunes such as ‘Her James Dean’, ‘Fiver’ and ‘People in the Middle’.

The first single from the EP, Stop Hurting was released with a critically acclaimed animated film clip by Gareth Axford. Axford produced a story of sweet character and a feathered friend looking to escape a busy and monotonous city. The clip will be shown at the 2012 Sensoria Film and Music Festival.

[callout]”The folk trio Nova’s Basement turned to the talented animator Gareth Axford for their brand new music video. Animator and illustrator Gareth Axford has created the latest video for the folk band Nova’s Basement. Stop Hurting appears to be about a break-up, but rather than depict this literally the Mid Wales-based animator came up with his own narrative featuring an everyday sort of fellow who embarks on a journey out to a lighthouse, and is followed everywhere by a little bird.”
Computer Arts Magazine, January 2012[/callout]
The full EP, ‘Her James Dean‘ was released on 5th March 2012 with a new music video for their cello-slappin’, violin tappin’, banker hatin’ tune, ‘Fiver‘.

2012 also saw NB release their first full length album, ‘White Out‘ just in time to tour the Australian East Coast from Melbourne to Brisbane during November and December 2012.

They’re currently taking some time to write a new EP and will be back on the UK & OZ live circuit in Spring 2013.