It has been a while since we shared the snaps of our video experiment and the first video by our friend Neill Francis, The People in the Middle.

Our lovely friends filmed some beautiful moments on a range of devices during a private gig last year, but the footage gathered dust in a little corner of my (Amy) red WD hard drive for nearly 11 months (gasp). Truth is, things take time when you try and do all the things yourself. I started and stopped and rested and swapped and re-tried a few approaches before finally arriving at this edit of “Her James Dean”. So without further ado, here it is!

A massive ‘thanks’ must go to the people who filmed this video:

Thanks x

Do we have a Roger in the house? Anyone know a Roger? Distinguished grey hair, happy vibe, paper and charcoals in tow, last seen in the ‘Roadtrip’ bar in Shoreditch, London, handing this masterpiece over to Nova’s Basement:

Anyway, we absolutely love this drawing. Even though it is labelled ‘Roadstop’ and the venue is called ‘Roadtrip’. No matter, no matter. I hope we can find you one day. Thanks Roger!