Do we have a Roger in the house? Anyone know a Roger? Distinguished grey hair, happy vibe, paper and charcoals in tow, last seen in the ‘Roadtrip’ bar in Shoreditch, London, handing this masterpiece over to Nova’s Basement:

Anyway, we absolutely love this drawing. Even though it is labelled ‘Roadstop’ and the venue is called ‘Roadtrip’. No matter, no matter. I hope we can find you one day. Thanks Roger!

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of attending a ‘W.E love Sundays’ gig at the World’s End in Finsbury Park (North London), I’m probably going to make you a little bit jealous with this post. I’m in serious danger of writing this like an advert – but I assure you – the gushing is genuine. I’ve received no kick-backs. Ok, I confess. I did receive some free sweets, a pint of Guinness and a roast spud. Not even kidding.

The very talented Kal Lavelle runs this evening of loveliness every (yup, you guessed it) Sunday. Kal took the stage first, fresh from touring with Ed Sheeran and promoting her new EP ‘Shivers’. If you’ve never heard her tunes before, drop everything and listen now. This lady’s voice and lyrics are pretty special. Here’s a pic we captured of Kal while we were humming along in the audience:

Halfway though her set, Kal invited Rach, Fi and I (Amy) up on stage to sing some Ahhhhs to ‘Gypsy Blood’. Quite by surprise, we discovered today that Jon Barker had filmed the moment. Can’t wait to see it.

After nomming some mezze, we took to the candlelit stage and played our set with a couple of brand newies ‘Better’ and ‘Stop Hurting’. The latter is actually an oldie that we rarely play. We’ve stripped it right back to simple acoustic guitar with big, achey three-part harmonies. We’ll be sure to bring these little friends out to play again next time. By the way, thanks to everyone who instagrammed, snapped a pic or a filmed a vid last night. As I was discussing with Jon today, the effort that goes into sharing your art and point-of-view means a lot. A performance is such a fleeting thing, so capturing these moments keep them lingering a little longer. Here’s a few we found on the interwebs:

A pic by @Beeny87. Check out our Guinness pints and mezze in shot. Heart.

A pic by @jedijon. Jon also captured the main image for this post and a bunch of other lovely shots in a flickr set here. Heart.

Thanks for sharing guys.

Grace Banks followed us up with a solo acoustic set. It was our first chance to sample her tunes, and my my, what an incredibly beautiful vintage voice she has. Have a listen to the tunage.

And lets not to forget the wonderful Antonio Lulic who rolled through the door, a little late, camera crew in tow. He’d been filming a hat trick of gigs across London all day. “It was supposed to be four gigs actually” he mused, to which we said “yOu craZy”. Hey ho, London’s Summer weather always did have its own mind. Antonio is definitely another talented chap that if you haven’t heard, you should listen to his stuff, like, now. But that recommendation comes with a warning to the dudes. Fellas, lock up your sheilas. Mr Lulic’s vocals are pretty snazzy.

Ah. Sundays have never been so lovely.

Recently, N.B. took over the living room of their dear friends’ JesY & Bryan and asked a few folks ’round to take part in a film experiment. Everyone was invited to bring a device to video the girls while they sang a few tunes, and of course, also invited to sip a few beers while they did so.

The plan is to edit all the different angles together and create some live videos that look a little chaotic (from the different video qualities), and will hopefully make you feel like you’re in the same room as the performance. So let the editing project commence! In the mean time, check out these beautiful stills taken by JesY Wittebort and Jason St Clair-Newman.